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No. 1 Helicopter Company - 30 Years of Experience

Air Dynasty has a proud history, standing at the forefront of the Helicopter industry for nearly 20+ years of experience. Air Dynasty now employs 80+ dedicated team members whose mission is to provide outstanding aerial expertise.

We offer you a complete range of aviation services, including aircraft charter for sightseeing and VIP services, aerial filming, search and rescue flights, chartered flights, and medical evacuation.
We ensure that each Air Dynasty traveler has a unique and life-changing experience!

Safety and comfort are two important hallmarks of the Air Dynasty. Our team of highly experienced aviation professionals ensures we will always give you a safe and enjoyable tour.

All our strong board members from the Aviation sector and high altitude trained pilots excel at determining your needs regarding a particular program. We offer you a complete range of aviation services, including aircraft charter for sightseeing with our own AS 350 Series fleet. Our fleet of helicopters is certified to fly from 16,000 feet to 23,000 feet AMSL.

Our range of exciting adventures offers you a chance to choose a scenic flight that suits you and your budget. Whether the spectacular Everest Base Camp or the tranquil Rara Lake, these places are all just a short flight away. Join us to experience utterly stunning scenic air tours with one of Nepal's largest helicopter companies, i.e., Air Dynasty.

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