Why is Everest more popular than other mountains? And how you can visit the Everest base camp easy way!

Why is everest more popular than other mountain

Everest is world’s tallest standing mountain. The top of the Everest is 8848 Meters above the sea level. There are total of eight mountains which are above 8000 meters above the sea level. But Everest is the most popular among all. This is because, Everest is famous for world’s tallest mountain. Since it’s the world’s tallest it has become everyone’s dream to at least take a step at the base camp of the Everest. The word “Everest Base Camp” itself is famous. For those who think climbing the Everest is just too much for them, Everest base camp is the ultimate destination. In recent years, Everest base camp is more of a passion and once in a lifetime to-do list for most of the people around the world.

Everest Tour in Nepal

What is the height of Everest base camp and why does it matter?

  • The height (elevation) of Everest base camp is 17,598 ft. above the sea level. The effective oxygen percentage at sea level out of the air we breathe is 21% whereas the effective oxygen percentage at Everest Base Camp, 17000 Ft., is just 11%. That’s almost half of the oxygen you are used to. A healthy person will easily breathe in the thin air at the base camp. Today, the world is very much fitness conscious, and doing the base camp gives the subconscious feeling of being fit and healthy. Other Mountain base camp around would look just about a near one, once you transcend the Everest Base Camp.

How can you visit the Everest Base Camp in short time (Easy way)?

  • With technology and advanced Science, Today we have luxury and easiness in everything we do in our life. Similarly, the years from 2010 to 2020 has been years of luxury for wanderers of Everest Base Camp. Since, The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour was introduced the Everest base camp tours can be completed in as minimum as 4 hours. One of the best option is to take a Helicopter tour from Kathmandu Airport. The total tour duration is 4 hours. And is relatively the same cost that a traveler pays for an 11 days Everest Base Camp Trek. Another option can be trekking to Everest Base Camp and fly back by helicopter. This option is best for people who want to trek and has minimum time too. This will save you at least 4 days of Everest Base Camp trip.

Writing more about the popularity of Everest, it has become a celebrity since it was first climbed on 1953. Few movies has been made about climbing the Everest. The movie “Everest” released on 2015 AD got IMDB rating of 7.1. It became quite popular in the world cinema and once again made the Everest even more popular. There are many commercial brands popular worldwide like Everest Clothing, 8848 vodka, Everest Gear, Everest Beer, Etc. The word Everest has touched almost everything commercial sector of the world making sure the word Everest remains in the eyesight of the people once in a while. Children are taught in school about the world’s highest mountain. We all have read it on our school days. Media now a days are very active and conquers the information world. During climbing season in the Everest, spring and autumn season, popular media around the world keeps flashing the update about the expedition and climbing progress. Everest is not just popular by itself but is made even more popular by the spirit of the mountain that everyone has within them. Everyone likes the mountain and when there is a conversation about mountain, Everest doesn’t miss a chance to stick in the conversation. We call it the spiritual power of the Everest.

“I would climb the Everest for you”. I am sure everyone has heard the phrase.

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