Visit Nepal 2020

Background About Visit Nepal 2020 

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has come up with an ambitious plan to promote tourism in Nepal. The campaign Visit Nepal 2020 aims to invite and support tourists and tourism in Nepal with a huge number of travelers from all over the world. The ministry is very optimistic and believes that this kind of campaign would attract international and national travelers. The tourism board has also announced 35 main trekking routes as a safe trail to travel and added a few more national parks on the travel list. In addition, the government has upgraded and improved the existing domestic and international airports to assist the national campaign.

visit nepal 2020

The major aim of the campaign is to run international cities with mutual collaboration to Airlines, private sectors, and international and national organizations. Various marketing and Promotions are organized from the national level including different brands and sub-brands along with media to increase the success rate of campaigns to visit Nepal 2020.

The campaign is categorized with the five sub-headings i:e Culture, Cities and Leisure, People and Heritage, Outdoor and Adventure, Religion and Pilgrimage, and Nature and Wildlife. Under those sub-heading government has organized various national and international tourism programs with the engagement of locals agents in this campaign to improve and create sustainable tourism in Nepal. All the organizers and promoters are extremely positive about the campaign and believe that such an event can contribute a lot to the tourism industry and another sector of the economy. The government has also implemented new trekking routes to the well-known trekking regions of Nepal. 

Why Should You Visit Nepal 2020 

The theme Visit Nepal 2020 will let travelers explore the unique hospitality with traditional heritage and local culture. The slogan visit Nepal 2020 targets to generate awareness of tourism benefits and to ensure federal development with the improvement in infrastructure, dealing with environmental issues, and a lot more. To make grand success the government is striving to finish a lot of tasks within this year. The campaign is not the only infrastructure and tourism development it’s also travel-oriented like hospitality facilities on newly opened trekking routes, easy permit access to remote areas, reduce hassle and bustle on the airport for international travelers, and many more.  

visit nepal

Get a unique adventurous experience while traveling in Nepal and feel the majestic beauty of the Himalayas enclosed with the traditional hamlets. The Himalaya country has lots of stunning spots which is yet to be discovered and explored. The campaign  “Visit Nepal 2020”  hold these offers and opportunities for travelers and discover those hidden gems of Nepal. 

History of Nepal Tourism 

nepal tourism promotion

Tourism in Nepal began after the successful ascent of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. Before 1951 foreigners were not allowed to explore due to the autocratic rule of the Rana Regime. In 1955 democracy came into exists and the government starts to issue tourist visas to welcome foreigners. After tourism broke out, Nepal starts to celebrate tourism Year in 1998 with the marketing slogan “Visit Nepal 98”. During that time in 1996, his majesty’s Government declared to celebrate the tourism year “Visit Nepal 98”. Slowly and gradually Nepal Government made efforts to promote the tourism industry and it’s a contribution to the national economy.

In 2018 Nepal hit the record of 1,173072 visitors. In the previous tourism year, the target was set to welcome one million tourists in Nepal. However, the set target was missed but the country was able to welcome 700,0000 visitors in the tourism year 2011. Now, for the upcoming tourism year, 2020 country has set the target to Welcome two million visitors and the preparation is going on accordingly. The country was able to attract a massive number of visitors at different time intervals from the 1990s to till date it was all possible with such nationwide tourism campaigns. As per past data, we can analyze that the number of visitors increases rapidly after the tourism year.  


This statistic shows the number of international tourist arrivals by year, 1993–2016:(source from Wikipedia)

Year Number of international tourists

arriving in Nepal

% change from

previous year

1993 293,567 -12.2%
1994 326,531 +11.2%
1995 363,395 +11.3%
1996 393,613 +8.3%
1997 421,857 +7.2%
1998 463,684 +9.9%
1999 491,504 +6.0%
2000 463,646 -5.7%
2001 361,237 -22.1%
2002 275,468 -23.7
2003 338,132 +22.7%
2004 385,297 +13.9%
2005 375,398 -2.6%
2006 383,926 +2.3%
2007 526,705 +37.3%
2008 500,277 -5.0%
2009 509,956 +1.9%
2010 602,867 +18.2%
2011 736,215 +22.1%
2012 803,092 +9.1%
2013 797,616 -0.7%
2014 790,118 -0.9%
2015 538,970 -31%
2016 753,002 +40%
2017 940,218 +24.8%
2018 1,173,072 +24.8%

Arrivals by country:

Most tourists arriving in Nepal on a short term basis were from the following countries of nationality::(source from Wikipedia)

Rank Country 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
1 India 160,832 118,249 75,124 135,343 180,974
2 China 104,664 104,005 66,984 123,805 113,173
3 United States 79,146 53,645 42,687 49,830 47,355
4 United Kingdom 51,058 46,295 29,730 36,759 35,688
5 Sri Lanka 45,361 57,521 44,367 37,546 32,736
6 Thailand 39,154 26,722 32,338 33,422 40,969
7 South Korea 34,301 25,171 18,112 23,205 19,714
8 Australia 33,371 25,507 16,619 24,516 20,469
9 Myanmar 30,852 25,769 21,631 N/A N/A
10 Germany 29,918 23,812 16,405 18,028 22,263
11 Bangladesh 29,060 23,440 14,831 21,851 22,410
12 Japan 27,326 22,979 17,613 25,892 26,694
13 France 26,140 20,863 16,405 24,097 21,842
14 Malaysia 18,284 13,669 9,855 18,915 18,842
15 Spain 15,953 12,255 6,741 13,110 10,412
16 Canada 15,105 12,491 8,398 11,610 12,132
17 Netherlands 13,393 11,453 7,515 12,320 10,516
Total Foreigner 940,218 753,002 538,970 790,118 797,616

Air Dynasty Participation on Nepal Tourism Year 2020. 

Visit Nepal 2020 is a national-level tourism campaign where a massive number of national and international organizations have their involvement to create travel-friendly tourism in Nepal. Air Dynasty has also participated in Tourism Year 2020 in order to make it a grand success. The major contribution part of the Air Dynasty is in the aviation sector. Considering VISIT NEPAL 2020 we have added one more Airbus 350 series on our fleet, with the maximum capacity to fly 26000 ft. Furthermore, we have organized various internal travel-friendly programs like cost-effective flight, extra ground time on any helicopter tour, daily fixed departure on highly traveling routes, and many more contributions for tourism year.  

From 1999 to 2019 Air Dynasty has remained active for helicopter service and hope to serve more in the future. Aviation safety is our first priority and it’s our mission to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in Nepal. We ensure customer safety at first and also ensure your flight tremendously convenient, safest, and enjoyable. Our pilots are well trained to fly in the mountains and they are also trained in weather conditions and factors. For the upcoming years, we strive for excellence in service delivery and apply the best method to eliminate weather issues in the peak seasons.

Available helicopter services In Nepal

  • Popular Helicopter Trips  in Nepal
  • Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.
  • Everest Pick up and Drop (One way).
  • Everest Gokyo Helicopter Tour.
  • Gokyo Lake Helicopter Tour.
  • Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour.
  • Langtang Base Camp Helicopter Tour.
  • Rara Lake Helicopter Tour.

VISA INFO for Nepal 

visa info nepal

Currently, there are altogether 43 Airports in Nepal among them Tribhuvan International Airport is the only international airport in Nepal. The immigration office of Nepal has been facilitating on Arrival Visa to the international visitors. The Procedure for “On Arrival Visa” will be very quick and simple. During peak season you may expect some hustle and bustle in the airport. In order to eliminate those crowds, you can apply for the visa procedure prior to your arrival from the Nepalese Diplomatic Mission situated abroad. After the issue of visa from the diplomatic mission, you need to enter Nepal within 6 months from the visa issued date.

Requirements to apply for a visa after arrival in Nepal. 

  1. Valid passports with a set of passport size photos with white background. 
  2. If you are having a visa on arrival in Nepal then it can be obtained after the payment of cash. Credit cards, Indian currency, and Nepalese currency are not accepted at the time of payment for Visa. 
  3. The following currencies are valid to make a payment on arrival visa:

Euro, Swiss, Franc, Pound Sterling, US   Dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Japanese Yen

On Arrival Visa Fees: 

15 Days – 25 USD or equivalent currency

30 Days – 40 USD or equivalent currency

90 Days – 100 USD or equivalent currency

Other visa Information: 
Certain Nationals are not eligible to apply for On Arrival Visa at immigration entry points of Nepal.

Those nationals are as follows: 

Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan

Basic Safety  for Helicopter Tour:

  1. Brief description of forecasted weather to pilot and passenger prior to the particular flight. 
  2. The operation shall be terminated in the case of unfavorable weather conditions. 
  3. Before having a helicopter tour there will be a check of load/ trim sheet calculation and weight with CG chart. 
  4. Secure all the loads, cargo, oils, and fuel containments and tighten them at the cabin compartment. 
  5. Extra oxygen cylinder with the oxygen mask in case of emergency during the trip. 
  6. Briefing about the safety and measures to the passengers by pilot or FOO before having the flight. 
  7. Confirming the locking and securing of helicopter cabin doors. 
  8. After all confirmation and shutting down the engines, if there is a problem in maintenance then the pilot carries out a visual walk to inspect the helicopter from the ground and make sure there won’t be any cracks, damages, and leakage of fuel.   

Types of Helicopter Service:

Normally we provide three types of helicopter service i:e Sharing, charter, and evacuation/ rescue service. Among these services, we operate a every day fixed departure on a sharing basis. For groups and luxury travelers we organized charter service. 

Sharing helicopter Service: 

For sharing helicopter service, you need to finalize your traveling dates, the total number of passengers, and the type of trip, then we match your preferred dates with the available dates. If the available date is not matched with your preferred date we will provide other alternative dates to explore a particular region. 

Sharing service is not available in all routes or regions. To get a sharing service you need to updates us on your traveling dates and trip type in Here is the list of highly-traveled areas where you can explore the mountains region on a group sharing basis.

TYPE SECTOR / REGION  Available seasons

(Heli pick up)


To get our latest updates regarding sharing service, you can select any of the packages from our website and click fixed departure. Preview our latest fixed departure book on your travel dates. 

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