1. Details of weather forecast and briefing to pilot prior to particular flight
  2. Operations shall be ceased if weather is unfavorable
  3. Pilots shall commence a flight only after ensuring the airworthiness of helicopter
  4. Pre-flight check of load/ trim sheet calculation and weight/ CG balance chart
  5. Proper secure and tighten the loads, cargo, oil and fuel containments in cargo and cabin compartment
  6. Ensure free of any foreign objects or person in and around for helicopter operations by ground handling line personnel
  7. Portable ground Fire extinguisher shall be on standby position when engines and rotors blades are started.
  8. Briefing of Safety in and around Helicopter shall be conducted to passengers on board by FOO and pilot before flight.
  9.  Ensure locking and securing of helicopter cabin doors.
  10. After accomplishing the flight and shutting down the engines, if the line maintenance is not performed, the pilot shall carry out visual walk around inspection of helicopter from ground and make certain there are no cracks, damages and linkage of fuel.