Rescue From Kalapathher/ Gorakshe/ Everest Base Camp

Everest Region is the first thing that comes to the mind of many trekkers and climbers. Why not be! The region is a house of the world’s highest mountain Mt Everest. Not only that, Lhotse- 4th tallest peak, Makalu-5th tallest peak, Cho Oyu-sixth tallest peak, and many other peaks are from only this region. That is why lots of climbers keep coming every year. It is not just an ultimate place for mountaineers but trekkers also. The world’s most famous trek Everest Base Camp Trek runs inside the Everest region. So you can guess now how famous this region is.

Any of the Everest region’s adventures you choose, you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime. Let’s say you are doing Everest Base Camp Trek. You’ll start the trek from Lukla(2,800m) and slowly moving; you’ll pass via several traditional villages to reach Everest Base Camp. Before going to the base camp, you’ll come across hundreds of beautiful things like sky-towering peaks, rich greenery, iconic villages, winding rivers, suspension bridges, monasteries, gompas, stupas, vast valleys, inspiring locals, unique terrains, and many more. All of these happenings are the right parts of traveling in the Everest Region.

Just like everything else, it also has its bad parts. Well, the sad parts of exploring this region, or let’s say doing Everest Base Camp Trek, can be the problematic trail, long and tiring trekking length, and altitude sickness. To see the best views of the region, you have to go through difficult parts. As you have heard, “difficult paths often take you to beautiful destinations.” This proverb would be more relatable with trekking in the Everest Region. Without a doubt, the trails here are difficult and challenging. You have to show what you are made of while trekking here.

Moreover, you should be physically in a position that you can trek for around 10 KM daily. Likewise, acclimating to new and high altitudes should not be a problem for you. In Everest Base Camp Trek, you have to ascend high places like Kala Patthar(5,545m), Everest Base Camp(5,364m), Lobuche(4,930m), Gorakshep(5,164m), and more. Interestingly, half of the Everest Base Camp Trek will be at altitudes above 4,000m. You can guess how risky it is altitude-wise to do this sort of trek.

Still, Negative things can happen to you or anyone else in a long and challenging trek like Everest Base Camp Trek. You might get hooked by mountain sickness or injure yourselves; let’s say anything can happen in the higher regions of the trek. In such troubled times, it is best to leave the region as soon as possible. Staying on the trail despite being troubled is not right for you. The sickness can kill you, or injury can get worse; things like this can happen. So the most incredible thing you can do to yourself in such situations is, call an emergency rescue.

No matter whether you are trapped in Dingboche or Kala Patthar or Gorakshep, or even Everest Base Camp or any other Everest region places, our Air Dynasty Helicopter team can help you out with a quick evacuation. All you require to do is call or inform us; our team always remains on standby for emergency requests.

We, Air Dynasty, have been providing emergency Helicopter rescues to the people stranded in various parts of Nepal while on adventures. The experienced team runs programs of ours, and we have vehicles of our own. So, you can remember us the very moment you are in trouble, and we will be there to help you.


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Rescue From Kalapathher/ Gorakshe/ Everest Base Camp