Rescue From Gokyo Valley In Everest


Gokyo, which is one of the picturesque valleys in Nepal, is a prominent place for trekkers. Located west of Everest Region, Gokyo Valley is known for its striking landscapes and pristine lakes. This wide valley has many significant highlights that can easily drag trekkers to it. That can be yaks grazing over the vast pastures, six freshwater lakes, mountains from here, and many more. Gokyo Valley Trek, Gokyo Lakes Trek, Gokyo Cho La Pass Trek are the popular trekking options of this valley. All of these treks act as the best alternatives to the always crowded Everest Base Camp Trek.

Gokyo Region is an unfrequented region that has always been under the shade of Everest Base Camp. But Gokyo Valley also deserves an equal amount of trekkers as it is equally fascinating. You get to see mountains like Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and many others from this region. There are attractive terrains and several pure lakes in this valley. Just imagine “ bluish lakes, whitish mountains, and green terrain under blue open skies” it is like this to do a trek in Gokyo Valley.

However, trekking in the Gokyo Valley region is not easy; instead, it is challenging and demanding. Gokyo Valley sits at an altitude of from 4,700m to 5,500m. Exploring the valley simply indulges in altitude gaining, rough, uphill, and demanding treks. You also have to ascend passes like Gokyo Ri(5,357m) and Cho La Pass(5,420m) in tours that lead to this region.

When you are doing one of the high-altitude treks, you always have uncertainties of mountain sickness. You might have to be stuck due to illness or injuries also in this sort of expedition.

That is why you require someone like us at the corner to rescue you from the region. We, the Air Dynasty, run helicopter rescue programs from Gokyo as well. If you ever get into a problem there, just remember us for an emergency rescue!

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Rescue From Gokyo Valley In Everest