Pheriche to Kathmandu by Helicopter

With the staggeringly gorgeous mountains, lofty hills, and diverse landscapes, taking a trip to Everest is always fun. It’s remarkably adventurous with the meandering trail that passes through primordial villages and high up the ridge, providing statuesque views.

However, the excursion’s drawback is that trekkers will have to spend a lot of time walking the trail, which is strenuous and intensive. Ascending the endless steep trails causes distress and can easily get the trekker annoyed.

As a consequence, many hikers visiting the region prefer to take a helicopter to Kathmandu after exploring the landmark. Most of them get on the flight from Pheriche as it’s nearest to the base camp.

The trail is only 8 miles long from the camp and mostly downhill, taking no time for hikers to arrive at. From there, they leave for Kathmandu with no stopover at any place in the time frame except for the bad weather.

Pheriche to Kathmandu by Helicopter is a real time-saver as it winds up the days long trip in just an hour. It relieves the stress of carrying a heavy backpack on the rugged trail of Khumbu or caught in the middle of the trek due to dire conditions.

Pheriche to Kathmandu by Helicopter

Considering the impressive view of snow peaks, tranquil lakes, and rocky terrains, hikers will never get tired of trekking Everest Base Camp. They climb almost 40 miles of trail on their way up to the base camp but often get irked to climb down with no driving force.

The trek requires hikers to go the extra mile to descend the camp and retrieve the village in Lukla. However, it gets better for those who get a direct flight from the nearby heliport instead of trying harder to arrive at the town.

Needless to say, the return from the village to Kathmandu is a lot easier and faster with a helicopter as it skips the hike on a zigzagged trail. Trekkers board the helicopter from Pheriche and take a one-way trip to the valley before heading to Kathmandu.

Pheriche to Kathmandu is a picturesque flight for those who’re already at the cliff and finished sightseeing. The trip offers its passenger an aerial view of snow-capped mountains, terrace farms, and steep-sided valleys while on the way back.

The heli tour gets rid of all the intense walks that trekkers would have to navigate otherwise. Much better when the trip bestows visitors with splendid sceneries, followed by surrounding foothills, dense forests, and glaciers.

The chopper departs from Pheriche at 14,000 ft. high and hover above Khumbu Valley for about an hour. It offers the passenger a pristine view of the Himalaya ranges and vast meadows with wild animals grazing throughout the journey.

The journey from the village lasts just about an hour before arriving at the valley. Since it’s a private flight, trekkers won’t have to go out of the way and just lease a chopper. Other arrangements and services will be looked after by the company.

Air Dynasty arranges private aviation flight to the wayfarers who urges to visit the trek destination and get back without any strain. For the Pheriche to Kathmandu by Helicopter, trekkers will have to navigate a trail of approx. 13 km from the base camp to get on the chopper.

The helicopter even picks up the trekkers from Syangboche airport and Lukla on a personal request. However, the walk from base camp will get long compared to Pheriche, which is just 7 hours afar.

Cost of Helicopter Flight from Pheriche to Kathmandu

The cost to hire a chopper from Pheriche to Kathmandu mostly depends on which airways you book the flight from and the preferred services. The cost may also vary based on the passengers on board. With Air Dynasty, trekkers will incur a cost from $850 to $900 per person.

If the travelers in a helicopter are reduced to three or fewer, the flyers will be charged an extra amount. The use of oxygen for emergencies and other additional benefits might surge the helicopter flight cost from Pheriche to Kathmandu. We also fly the helicopter from Lukla on the charge of US$500 or so. Hence, those who want to explore the charming landscapes of Khumbu but also work their way to Kathmandu can book the flight at any time.

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Pheriche to Kathmandu by Helicopter