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It’s been quite a while since Everest View Hotel has stolen the thunder from the base camp, providing an as splendid view of Mt. Everest as it. It offers a scene full of exquisite natural beauty, including rolling hills, steep stone rocks, and glaciers that leave visitors awe-struck.

Hence, more hikers seem to be interested in visiting the hilltop with the growing popularity rather than going the extra length to Base Camp. Besides ascending the viewpoint from Lukla, a lot of them even hire a chopper to get to the end and make the trip relatively easier.

The trip via helicopter to Everest View Hotel is as impressive as it gets with the mesmerizing view of glistening snow peaks, sweeping landscapes, and green verdure. Nomads will be rewarded with a breathtaking view from the time they board the flight.

There’s no need for visitors to walk the long-drawn-out trail from Lukla and reserve the tea house’s room. The aircraft will drop the travelers at Everest View Hotel in about an hour since leaving the Kathmandu airport.

The heli often stops at Lukla for refueling and instantly heads to the ridge before returning. The electrifying ride will take the visitors over Khumbu Valley and Namche Bazaar, offering a magnificent view.

Trip to Everest View Hotel by chopper is seemingly appropriate for all ages travelers, partly due to its avoidance of flying to a higher altitude. It shortens the extended 10 hours Everest View Hotel trek from Lukla to just an hour through the flight.

Day 1 :

Helicopter to Everest View Hotel

With stunning landmarks, sedentary foothills, glacial lakes, and strings of mountains, Everest has induced adventurers to the scene for a long time. It charmed visitors with the unique topography, high cliffs, and terrains that are nowhere to be found.

In hopes of catching such impressive views, many trekkers walked miles to the base camp. This apparently cost them a lot of time and endeavor as Everest Base Camp’s trail stretched more than 62 km from Lukla.

However, things have taken off the scale in recent years, with hikers choosing Everest View Hotel over Base Camp to clap eyes on Everest. Many rent a private chopper from Kathmandu to Hotel Everest View to reduce the time and exertion.

The tour scraps all those long strolls from Lukla to Everest view hotel and gets it done within an hour. The 1-hour flight covers all the major attractions of Khumbu, including primordial monasteries, traditional Sherpa villages, and historical monuments.

Unlike commercial flights, the private helicopter of Air Dynasty provides more space and facilities to the customers at a reasonable price. As it’s a guided tour, flyers will get exposed to the hidden sceneries along with extensive information about the place.

Renting the helicopter to Everest view hotel is cheap with Air Dynasty as it charges a mere US$200 to US$250 per passenger from Lukla. Travelers can share a charter up to 5 pax.

Air Dynasty’s flights come with additional services based on-demand conveniences, but the passengers will have to pay an extra fee. Provided it’s a private flight, travelers won’t have to fear getting the flights missed or overdue.

The Everest View Hotel helicopter flight takes passengers right to the heart of Khumbu, offering incredible sights. It will offer them an aerial view of vast meadows, a beautiful terrace farm, and lofty hills while flying over the valley.

Although it takes only an hour from the helicopter to arrive at the Everest View Hotel, Air Dynasty never lets the excitement dwindled. With its medevac and rescue flights, hikers who’re left stranded on the trail or suffering from exposure also can book the helicopter at any time.

Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

Air Dynasty has a series of flights that either stop at Lukla or terminates at the town before coming back. Thus, trekkers who want to explore the wilderness of Khumbu by foot can rent a chopper up to Lukla and gently ascend the hill to Everest View Hotel.

The trek will take somewhere between 7 to 8 hours, passing through forests and beautiful Namche Bazaar. The helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Lukla will take a maximum of half an hour, hovering over picturesque landforms, steep-sided valleys, and mountains.

Best time for Helicopter to Everest View Hotel

Autumn usually leads the season for the best time to have a helicopter tour of Everest View Hotel. It has fine weather with warm and fuzzy days that are perfect for watching the amazing Ama Dablam, Thamserku, and Lhotse.

The season really makes the best time for a helicopter tour of Everest View Hotel with no abrupt rainstorm and mist. Days are normally bright and breezy in Khumbu Valley during autumn, making it the right time to fly the chopper.

Those who flee to the hilltop at dawn or before will get to witness a visually appealing sunrise over the mountain. Since the weather rarely gets bad in autumn, the odds of flights getting canceled is little.

The weather in spring is also perfect for flying the helicopter over Khumbu. The season offers clear weather for passengers to glance at the spectacular sceneries from aircraft. It hardly stands rough weather or downpour for flights to get delayed or postponed.

Why book a helicopter to Everest View Hotel with the Air Dynasty?

1. Safety is the key priority.

Safety is the overriding factor for customer’s inclination to Air Dynasty. Here, it offers great health care facilities with additional services to passengers in need of medical attention. In response to the ongoing pandemic, the company has taken extra preventive measures and follow safety guidelines.

Likewise, the aviators in Air Dynasty are also adept with experience of decades. They are particularly conscious of the adverse weather in the mountains and thus deal with the situations patiently.

2. Unbeatable service for the price

With already two decades of continuous service in the industry, Air Dynasty knows how to flatter customers and what amenities to be provided. Despite the high-end service, it charges a reasonable price to clients for booking a helicopter from their company. The company doesn’t levy extra fees on the flight to any of the customers, giving them a great deal for the amount paid.

3. Easy payment options

Air Dynasty has an easy payment option for its customers. Travelers can book the private helicopter in advance and clear out the bill online or transfer payment from the bank. Flyers can reach out to the company or make reservations through operative directly.

4. Unforgettable experience

In Air Dynasty, we value our customers’ expectations and make sure they are well-treated. We usually do our best to provide them a unique experience while taking a heli tour of Everest view hotel.

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Helicopter To Everest View Hotel