Heli Charter In Nepal

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Do you want to explore Nepal to its fullest but have less time? then a Heli charter tour is the perfect option for you. To experience this amazing country’s landscape and diversity Air Dynasty has designed various aerial tours to show you the best of Nepal. Looking through a birds-eye view of mountains, rivers, rivulets, glorious temples is the best experience you will ever get. Nepal is a small country but is a world in itself. Thousand of tourists visit this country from far away.


In Nepal, there are many places which are situated in the hills and mountains which take a lot of time days and sometimes even months from walking but Heli charter makes it possible to reach yours. We provide a safe and coherence helicopter in Nepal for all your personal as well as business use. You can save your time as days walk of walking can be done in a few hours of flight. The cost of charter service is on the expensive side but very convenient, safe and saves a lot of time. The cost varies according to time, place, and weight. The helicopter is one of the popular means of traveling to the tourist as the price of the Heli charter in Nepal is reasonable.

The famous destinations for a Heli tour are Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Dolpa, Kanchenjunga as well as many pilgrims sites such as Muktinath, Halisi Mahadev, and many more. The air dynasty started its operation in 1993 AD and it has 6 helicopters in its fleet. All the pilots are well trained and experienced and ensure your flight safe and very comfortable.

Air dynasty’s top 5 Helicopter services Rescue Flights, Safety department, Heli Charter Flight, Everest Heli Pick Up, Filming and Photography. Rescue and safety is our primary service, in order to overcome some medical emergencies in the rural and mountaineer place. We provide helicopter facilities that serve for rescue, which is the most reliable and flexible as per the requirement of an emergency. In the rescue process, we do take care of patients and take them nearest hospital as quickly as possible.

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Everest the highest peak of the world, It has thousands of visitors every year, climbing Everest is full of adventure, though they have the will but are physically not able to climb our Everest Heli pick rescues those people.

Wondering if the air dynasty has various packages? yes, of course, the people are. You can join the group where you will be welcomed by the smile as well as share the cost with you!! You can also have a personal helicopter who want to have privacy while they enjoy the view. So, if you want to rent a Heli charter flight the contact Air Dynasty we have experienced staff who will make sure your flight is safe and sound, flexible helicopters. We offer you safety and reliability as if is our primary concern. If you have less time but want to experience the best of Nepal and the Himalayas then a helicopter tour is the best. We assure you safety and unforgettable memory of a lifetime.

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