Cargo Services

Cargo Services

Air Dynasty Heli Services also offers cargo service for you to the various destinations of Nepal where road transportation is time-consuming and hard to operate. Those places are easily accessible in a short time with our helicopter services at the best cost.

Food Delivery To Karnali Region

Delivery Cement And Pipe To Remote Village

Cargo Service Some Valuable Daily Need Items


Charter Flights

Charter Flights

Air dynasty Heli Services has been providing safe, efficient and cost effective helicopter charter flights in Nepal. We has some of the best and most experienced pilots, engineers and management in helicopter industry.

Air Dynasty provides any kind of charter flights in Nepal on demand. We can arrange charter flights as a single trip or also several flights. We can organize the charter service to suit any itinerary.


Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tour in Nepal is the perfect blend of the luxury trips with majestic views of himalayas, can explore within a minimal time period through helicopter. Helicopter tours in Nepal offer mountain flights, luxury trips, and city sightseeing, photography and filming tours. In addition, one can unlimited their fun and adventures with customizable trips and tours.

Moreover, you celebrate your precious moments like anniversary, birthday and marriage ceremony at the top of the world with your beloved ones. Likewise, you can have your reunion party or celebrate years of friendship at the spiritual land of himalayas with your friends. All celebrations have their own significance and share your traveling date to us, we will furnish a suitable itinerary to make your trip memorable and celebration wider.

Our helicopter service includes a wide range of charter helicopter tours from Luxury charter flights to emergency Medevac rescue and evacuation service. In addition, we also provide cargo service, filming photography tours and Heli Pick up/drop service in the Himalayan region of Nepal. On Helicopter Tours, we offer luxury charter helicopter tours to the wildest Himalayan range including evergreen destination “Mt Everest” and covers all the most experienced helicopter sightseeing tours.

Summiting the World highest peak cannot be achievable by all, but touching the peak of mountains with your soul and eyes can be accomplishable by everyone. We ensure your flight tremendously convenient, safest and enjoyable. Our flight is held within safety instruction and considering safety measures at first. We care about safety at our best.

Get more details about our service via email or kindly overlook to our standard tours and services that can be easily customizable as per your interest. All our flights and tours are feasible to accommodate your request on real-time and dates.


Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation

Medevac Rescue Flights Nepal provided by Air dynasty ; has dedicated to providing emergency medical evacuation and mountain rescue service in Nepal. Furthermore, Air dynasty has been carrying out medical evacuation and helicopter evacuation rescue flights in Nepal for the past 20 years, saving the lives of thousands of People.

Since we are dedicated to saving lives, emergency medical evacuation or mountain rescue flights are the most frequent operations we carry out. Our team of aviation specialists will assist you with the best option available within the shortest span/block of time travel is possible.

Air dynasty provides the most reliable, effective and time-saving helicopter rescue service in Nepal or Mountain rescue service in Nepal.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Flying people needing immediate emergency medical is the fastest growing attention and most efficient methods of transporting. Medevac is used for seriously ill people, people who living in a remote place with difficult access to medical facilities or for people whose medical needs could not be accomplished by ground ambulance. Since Nepal is a mountainous country, transportation access is very difficult. Most of the places are not yet touched by road or those touched are also difficult and usually, take long hours to travel due to hilly roads or road conditions.

So, Emergency medical evacuation in Nepal desperately needs active medical evacuation operations throughout the year. Air Dynasty has been actively working for the medevac and helping people get immediate transporting assistance.

Helicopter Rescue Operation

Nepal is popular for trekking and mountaineering. Hundreds of thousands of trekkers come to see Nepal’s Mountains. For people living at a low altitudes of 500 M, but problems can occure at high altitudes during their trek/visit to the mountainous region. And the people who at an altitude of sickness needs to be transferred at a low altitude places and hospital as soon as possible. Air Dynasty has been providing prompt service for high altitude rescue assistance and evacuation services to save a life in Nepal.

During their tour, many people get stranded due to mountain sickness or people get lost somewhere in the mountains. With high flying effective helicopters and highly trained pilots and rescue personnel, Air-Dynasty operates search and rescue operation in the Himalayas.

Rescue From Kalapathher/ Gorakshe/ Everest Base Camp

Rescue From Gokyo Valley In Everest

Recuse Service From Renjola Chola And Khombala Pass Trek

Rescue Service From Makalu Base Camp

Rescue From Kanchenjunga Area

Rescue From Dhaulagiri Area

Rescue From Annapurna Trekking Area

Rescue From Mustang Trekking Region

Rescue From Dolpo Region

Rescue From Larke Pass Manaslu Area

Rescue From Tsum Valley

Rescue From Peak Climbing Base Camp Such Island , Mera, Lobuche, Yala, Paldor, Ramdung

Rescue From Any Camp Of High Mountain Such Everest, Kanchenjunga , Manaslu