No. 1 Helicopter Company - 30 Years of Experience

Air Dynasty Heli Services Pvt. Ltd. one of the largest Private Sector Helicopter Charter Companies in Nepal. with its own fleet of AS 350 Series has been providing safe, reliable and comfortable services to customers since 1993 A. D. We provide service with our fleet of helicopters that are certified to fly from 16,000 feet to 20,000 feet AMSL. Each aircraft can normally accommodate 5 adult passengers subjective of altitude and temperature at the landing site.


Why Air Dynasty?

For more than 20 years, Air Dynasty has provided aerial support to Nepal. Whether it is showing visitors sights of Nepal or rescuing the traveler from the top of the high mountain, safety permeates everything we do.

Safety and comfort are two important hallmarks of the Air Dynasty. Our team of highly experienced aviation professionals ensures we will always give you a safe and enjoyable tour.

If you don't want to miss the unparalleled mountain vistas, glorious sunsets or sunrise, mysterious caves, and unfettered access to remote and unusual locations in Nepal, then fly with us!

We are here to provide the best value and the best experience!

25 Years of Rich Experience

Established in 1993, our company has offered helicopter services for more than 25 years. With rich experience, our team offers you professional travels in Nepal. We are proud to be Nepal's largest Helicopter Company and continue Air Dynasty's incomparable tradition of excellence!

Superior Pilots

Air Dynasty is staffed by highly experienced commercial pilots who have a passion for flying helicopters in and around mighty snow-capped mountains. They are utterly dedicated to getting you to some of the most spectacular sites in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Brand New Helicopters

Our AS 350 BA Series of brand new helicopters are ideal for sightseeing and provide the most comfortable and safe ride. Our helicopter fleets are competent enough to reach the most remote areas to rescue or emergency medical services.

Safety Management System (SMS)

Air Dynasty's Safety Management System is proactive and follows an integrated approach to safety management. We continuously conducted SMS training to corporate and airport staff to ensure safe operations.

24/7 Service

We are a local helicopter tour company based in Nepal. If you are looking for an exclusive adventure to the Himalayas' land, our friendly staff is ready to serve you 24/7.
For quick response WhatsApp/Viber or direct call at 9779801089842

No Hidden Charges and Safe Payment Options

Air Dynasty offers you the best value in providing affordable and luxurious Helicopter tours. We provide safe payment methods, such as wire transfer or PayPal, and accept credit/debit cards and payment in installments.

Great value for money

With Air Dynasty, you can be assured that you are getting great value for money. We offer premier helicopter tours at unbeatable rates and are committed to maintaining both enjoyable and quality customer services.

Our Services

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour

Endless adventure awaits you in Nepal: your ideal destination to explore on the helicopter. We create fun and safe helicopter tours to immerse our customers in the natural beauty of Nepal.
We fly you to some of the most remote locations in Nepal and land!

Charter Flights

Charter Flights

Charter flights are perfect for a unique holiday with a private group. Ideally, for those looking for that memorable experience, several families or large groups need a private charter flight.

Helicopter Cargo

Helicopter Cargo

Helicopter flights are a unique way to discover from the Himalayan region like the Everest region to Kathmandu Valley’s world heritage sites. With Air Dynasty, you will get to see your dreamed place from a whole new perspective.

Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation

Air Dynasty offers a range of helicopters for emergency medical evacuation services/ mountain rescue services in Nepal. It is the best, safe, and fast way for medical evacuation in the remote part of Nepal.